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We had a little trouble loading the software initially, but they were helpful and fixed our problems via remote access. I am excited to get the most recent update. The video capture option will be useful for cardiac evaluation.

By Ed Fuller, DVM on Apr 07, 2011
Pet Menders Animal Hospital

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Powerful and easy to use Ultrasound Workstation to capture and send ultrasound images and videos to DICOM and PACS Server in matter of minutes, it also stores patients and examinations data internally so we can pull up patient studies later. Simply Sonovision 2.0 is the best system to manage ultrasound studies in Doctor’s Office, Medical Imaging Labs or Hospitals

By M. Khawar Siddiqui on Jan 25, 2011
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I have found Sonovision Lite to be a very useful program, especially for printing of sonograms on ordinary printer. The most useful feature is its ability to print through the print switch of the ultrasound machine which saves a lot of time. It is also quite economical.

By Dr. Zahid Pasha on Jan 27, 2008
Advanced Ultrasound Clinic
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