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My Medical Images
    My Medical Images v1.0
Medical Images Viewer Application (DICOM Viewer app) for Microsoft HealthVault users to load their medical images and studies on their Windows Phone 7 devices. With this application user can securely sign in to his HealthVault account to search studies within his account and then open the specific study with all of the study data and medical images, once study data and preview images for all of the series are loaded, then user may touch or click on any preview image tile to load the high resolution medical images on the full screen of the phone, where user can scroll through various images and frames within that series or pinch to zoom or pan the image

♦ Securely Sign In to HealthVault Account
♦ Search Studies within HealthVault account with Study Date, Series UID, Physician’s Name or Study Description
♦ Open Study with Preview Images and Study Header Data
♦ Load High Resolution/high Quality Study Images in Full screen mode
♦ Scroll through different images / Frames of the Series with the touch and scroll of the finger on the image
♦ Pinch to Zoom
♦ Rotate phone to Rotate Image on the screen

Minimum Requirements:
Windows Phone 7.5

Category: Medical Imaging Workstations   Type: Software

Vendor: Peridot Technologies

Email:    Phone: 586-486-3310


Package Contents:
Downloadable Software

Price:  US$ 4.99

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  • Main Screen

    Main Screen

    My Medical Images main screen

  • Search Study Screen

    Search Study Screen

    Search Study in HealthVault Account by Study Description, Date or Physician Name

  • Open Study from HealthVault

    Open Study from HealthVault

    Study Details, DICOM Header and Preview Images

  • Full Screen Images View

    Full Screen Images View

    Full Screen Medical Images View