Easy DICOM Viewer for Windows Phone 7
  Easy DICOM Viewer
                        (Free Medical Images Viewer App for Windows Phone 7)
Easy DICOM Viewer is a Medical Images Viewer application for Windows Phone 7. Doctors or Physicians can load and review their patients studies on their phones directly from DICOM or PACS Servers in their hospital or clinic network.

Easy DICOM Viewer is a FREE Application for Windows Phone 7, Which uses Wi-Fi Internet connection or your data plan to connect to Remote Webservice which pulls worklist and DICOM Studies from PACS or DICOM Server. You can connect this your windows phone to any SCU based DICOM Storage to search in worklist or pull DICOM Studies right into your Phone.

Connect with any SCU based DICOM Server via Webservice
Authentication by Phone Number & Device ID for secure access to data
Search Studies by Study Date, Patient Name or Physician Name
Pinch to Zoom Image and Flick to scroll image on screen
Rotate Phone to Rotate Image for greater viewing area

How to Get Easy DICOM Viewer in your Phone

Search Marketplace
1.Open Marketplace on Your phone
2.Go to "Search"
3.Type "Easy DICOM Viewer" in the search field and hit "Search" or Browse in Apps > Business Category
4.Once you find the "Easy DICOM Viewer" app, choose "Install" and follow the instructions
5. After you installed the program on your phone then you need to signup for an account to access studies from DICOM Server ot PACS Server
6. Press DICOM Viewer Signup Sign up on bottom of the screen
7. Fill in your Name, Cell Phone Number, Email, DICOM Server AE Title, Host IP Address and Remote Port
8. Press Sign Up Now at the bottom of form and you will be provided with Information to Enter into Application Settings Screen.
9. Go Back to Application Settings Screen and Enter the information provided to your after Signing Up and Press Save SettingsSave 
10. Now on Easy DICOM Viewer Search Study screen you can simpally press search button to load all of the Worklist from the DICOM Server (SCU), Or If you want to Search Specif Study or Patient Examination DICOM then Press on Study ID and from the List choose to search by Specifc Data like Study ID, Study Date, Patient's Name or Phyician's Name and Enter the Text in the box below and hit search button. then you will see the filtered worklist from DICOM Server
11. Now press on any Row to load the DICOM Study into your Phone.
12. To Open Study in Full Screen you can press on any of the Thumbnail Image in the Study

For more information Please write to support@peridotec.com or call +1-586-486-3310